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Findamovie is the English little brother (sister?) of the French website Trouverunfilm. It welcomed its first visitor on Sunday, November 11th 2012. You are currently browsing through the new version of our website, which was developed thanks to the fidelity of web users whom I thank with all my heart.

But why did you create Findamovie?

This website was created because of the frustration coming from the recurring existential question "What shall I watch tonight?"

Indeed, even if there is a ton of movies that are released every year, of movies that have already been released and of acknowledged masterpieces, it is never easy to find the best movie for both our tastes and current mood. Indeed, one cannot enjoy a movie enough if one is not in the right state of mind for that. And it is even more a shame when one wastes time on a good movie...

Therefore, this need for a way to find the movies that will trigger the right emotions has given birth to Findamovie..

The concept

The idea behind this website is therefore to allow you to find the best fitting movie for your current mood. Yup, it's the movie that changes for you, not the other way around!

The thing is, most of the methods used to find a movie are now based on concepts such as "drama", "thriller" or "adventure movie"... And those genres are too vague and especially too disconnected from our emotions.

Therefore, in order to avoid that, we have established a system of criteria that seem closest to what one can really experience when watching a movie. These criteria are represented on a research tree that will enable you to easily specify the kind of movie you woud like to see.


This is a participatory website ; most of the movies you will see have been added by web users. To add a movie, all you need to do is type in its title and answer a few questions that will enable us to rank it accordingly.

Once you have added a movie, the movie might not appear right away on the website. Added movies must first be processed by a veeeery complex algorithm (with a bunch of + and × - even NASA is really jealous!). Then, the algorithm provides a ranking (according to criteria) for every movie, which will finally be displayed on the website - if it suits His Majesty the Algorithm.

Anyway, you can be sure that no movie will be added in vain! Every added movie is registered and dealt with carefully. If a movie you have added on the website does not appear, it means that the algorithm has decided that there is not enough information regarding the movie yet, and so it is keeping it nice and warm for you, until it is able to rank it more specifically.

And don't worry, we often try to negotiate with the algorithm so that it will be less demanding and let more of our movies appear, but it remains very rigorous and challenging when it comes to business... Moreover, the algorithm hates preferential treatment!